Reminder – “Onibaba” Tonight at 119 Gallery

In the mood for some good old-school Japanese horror? Then head over to the 119 Gallery tonight and check out “Onibaba” as part of Kitty Chick’s ongoing film series “Kitty Chick’s Flicks.” This season, Kitty is focusing on black-and-white classics, and if “Onibaba” is a taste of what we’re in for, we like it!

Come mix, mingle, enjoy a film, and stay afterwards for some good movie conversation. It all goes down tonight at 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street. Movie snacks are always served!


OnibabaOnibaba [1964, b&w]
Tuesday, February 17 @ 8PM
As a feudal war rages in 14th-century Japan, those left behind are struggling to survive. The wife and the mother of a soldier make their meager living by preying upon hapless samurai who come their way, killing them and selling their armor for food. When a friend of the soldier returns to the women’s hut, they learn the fate of their soldier, and are forced to deal with this survivor. Tensions build as the young widow gives in to her loneliness, and the older woman fears abandonment, feels jealousy, and plots revenge. This film represents subtle Japanese horror at its best!


Published by Lowell Film Collaborative

The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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