Independent Film Festival Boston – this weekend!

IFFBOkay, so maybe this weekend truly is the first perfect one of the year, which makes the idea of sitting in a dark theater difficult to fathom, but when you peruse the Independent Film Fest Boston web site and see the caliber of indie films on tap for those willing to postpone their first spring frolic until next weekend, the temptation is strong. Taking place primarily at five screens(!) at the Somerville Theater and the sole Brattle theater in Somerville and Cambridge, respectively, the IFFB is an absolute paradise for cinema buffs. Add to that a lot of in-person visits from the filmmakers, and you’ve got the closest thing to Sundance that New England is likely to see.

Even more encouraging is going to the Somerville Theater, as we did on Friday night, and seeing the oceans of people coming into and out of the theater as screenings begin and end. We caught In the Loop, a satire of US/British relations when faced with a “fictional” war in the Middle East. Bringing to mind everything from Christopher Guest’s improv-heavy comedy to satirical classics like “Dr. Strangelove,” this one is a side-splitting success, and the Q&A with director Armando Iannucci afterwards was just as entertaining. According to Iannucci, the film is set for a July release date in the US.

More great screenings are on tap today, tomorrow night at the ICA, and Tuesday night at Coolidge Corner, where the final screening of the Fest will be the Boston premiere of World’s Greatest Dad, the latest offbeat comedy from writer/director (and 80s mainstay) Bobcat Goldthwait, starring himself and some dude named Robin Williams. If you love film, you owe it to yourself to make the trek into Boston and check out this festival.


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