“The Invention of Lying” Trailers RELEASED!

It’s the moment Lowellians have been waiting for — the official trailers and release date of The Invention of Lying, formerly known as This Side of the Truth. For anyone who is unaware, TIOL was filmed right here in Lowell last spring. Its undergone a title change and several delays, and we’ve all been chomping at the bit. 

There are two blogs out there covering the  film and its progress: one of them is Ricky Gervais’ (www.rickygervais.com) and the other is Lecture Films (www.lecturefilms.com). 

Visit Lecture Films and view their blog entry for Friday, June 26 — you’ll see both the U.S. trailer and the U.K. trailer right there. You’ll recognize some key DTL locales in the trailer, especially scenes filmed inside La Boniche and on Market Street in front of Athenian Corner and The Dubliner. Very cool stuff. 

For now, here is what’s out there on YouTube, and now that it’s been made public you’ll have no problem with a successful search. 



Keep on top of news on Gervais’ blog and on Lecture Films — and save the date of Friday, October 2. This is the release date floating around out there. 

The wait is over! We’ll keep you posted on any news of a special Lowell film premier event!


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