Mill City Mayhem 2009: A great time was had by all!

Trick 'r Treat premiered at MCM 2009!Even as I type, one of my most favorite films, Vincent Price’s The Fly, is on the tube. So of course I’m feeling the need to share some great photos from the Lowell Film Collaborative’s first horror film marathon, Mill City Mayhem! We want to thank everyone for coming out and attending this great event, with special thanks to Shannon Goor and Second Wind Café for hosting, Living Horror and Neil Lewis for their performances, and to Rick Stec, Rachel Chandler, and Roberto Dei, our fellow planning committee members. And to all our guests — YOU SURVIVED! Thank you for making MCM 2009 a truly horrifying event AND for helping the LFC celebrate their one-year anniversary!

We hope you enjoy these fabulously frightening event photos by our favorite Lowell photographer and great friend, Anne Ruthmann.


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