“Night at the Museum 2” comes to Mickey’s Bar & Grill in Lowell

Night at the Museum 2: The Smithsonian
Sunday, December 6
2PM & 6PM
Mickey’s Bar & Grill
179 Central Street, Lowell

If football Sundays aren’t your thing, swing on over to Mickey’s Bar & Grill in the heart of Lowell for Mike Doyle’s Sunday Buffet & a Movie. We gave Mickey’s an honorable mention a couple of weeks ago, and we intend to keep reminding folks that he’s doing his share to bring some good film to Lowell. The film selection is pretty varied (District 9 & Che are in the mix), and Mike does it all above board as he obtained full screening rights to all his films from one of our favorite film distributors, Swank Motion Pictures. We like that.

For 10 bucks ($8 for students, $7 for kids 12 and under), you really can’t beat it. We recommend hitting the later screenings at 6PM so there’s less light in the bar, but I thoroughly enjoyed my 2PM viewing of Star Trek 2009, cold brew in hand.

Check out the full schedule and buffet menu — and mark your calendars. We’ll be sure to remind you of all upcoming films!


Published by Lowell Film Collaborative

The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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