TODAY! “Under Great White Northern Lights” comes to Lowell!

White StripesUnder Great White Northern Lights
Sunday, March 21 @ 1 PM
Boott Mills Event Center
115 John St., Downtown Lowell
Free admission!  (donation encouraged)

Music fans, the live concert film experience you’ve been waiting for is coming to Lowell.

This week, alt-blues superduo the White Stripes will release Under Great White Northern Lights, an intimate documentary film chronicling their 2007 tour through Canada and culminating in their 10th anniversary show in Nova Scotia. Corresponding with the release of the film, the band has graciously invited fans to set up their own free local screenings of the film, and when the LFC discovered this, we were immediately on board.

As if showing the White Stripes live to our film friends in Lowell weren’t enough, we have even better news. The Boott Mills Event Center, where we will screen the film, has been recently upgraded with the latest projection technology, meaning that we will screen the film in glorious HD! That’s right – the ultimate in film and audio quality. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

Described by Zach Baron of the Village Voice as “some of the most subtly shot and well-recorded concert footage ever from a band not named the Rolling Stones,” Under Great White Northern Lights is beautifully photographed by Emmett Malloy and documents Jack and Meg White playing shows all over Canada, from local bowling alleys to city buses, and onward to the historic Savoy Theatre for the 10th Anniversary show, which turned into their longest show ever.

The film captures intimate moments of the duo both on and off stage as they travel through some of the most remote parts of the northern Yukon Territory. Along the way, they have casual conversations about their ten years together, fire cannons, and play some of their biggest songs together on stage. The cameras are there to capture every waking moment.

What Northern Lights does best, however, is document one of the most enigmatic bands in the world, playing in some towns that were so small that many of the locals had no idea who they were,  forcing a band that had been together for a decade to return to a place reminiscent of the first shows they ever played together. Beyond the live footage, some of the film’s most memorable moments happen off-stage, offering an insightful look into the very private and complex world that is the White Stripes. It was shortly after this tour that the band would cancel their fall tour of the United States, making the ten year anniversary show a truly pivotal milestone for this legendary band.


Published by Lowell Film Collaborative

The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

2 thoughts on “TODAY! “Under Great White Northern Lights” comes to Lowell!

  1. Hey, Friend! Looking forward to seeing Jack/Meg worshippers. Screen and sound are pretty darn awesome. See you Sunday! — Suzz C.

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