Vote for your favorite Disposable Film Festival short — voting closes May 31!

Cast your vote for “Best of the Fest” —
The Disposable Film Festival awaits your input!

It’s no secret: The LFC are huge fans of the Bay Area-based Disposable Film Festival (read our past entry on the DFF HERE), so much so that plans are in the works to partner with the DFF (thanks to our great conversation with Festival founder and co-director Carlton Evans) to bring the Festival’s fabulous catalog of film shorts to the Mill City. Think of it as a Disposable Film Festival EAST.

The DFF’s premise is timely and inspired by today’s booming online video age and our access to state-of-the-art, easy-to-use new media: cell phones, point-and-shoot video, digital cameras, webcams, screen capture software, and one-time use digital cameras. This technology — Disposable Film — and easy access to YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, and other online distribution hosts, create limitless possibilities for remarkable film made by anyone — EVERYONE. In the words of the DFF, “these films are often made quickly, casually, and sometimes even unintentionally. Everyone has become a Disposable Filmmaker, now it’s time to do something creative with it.”

We’re pleased to announce that this year’s Disposable Film Shorts, presented to you by our friends at the Disposable Film Festival, await your viewing and judging! Each year, the DFF posts their Competitive Film Shorts Program submissions and opens the judging to the public. As you can imagine, the range of talent, subject, style, and creativity is just amazing. In addition to all that, they’re inspiring, and will hopefully evoke that inner director in YOU.

In between your Memorial Day holiday plans, please take the time to view these great film shorts and CAST YOUR VOTE.
Voting ends Monday, May 31.
View the official Disposable Film Festival Competitive Shorts Program today!

And stay tuned for updates on our plans to partner with the Disposable Film Festival and bring them to Lowell, Massachusetts, and perhaps beyond!


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