The LFC Review – “Splice”


Courtesy of Brett Cromwell –
Went to the Lowell Showcase Cinemas today to see the new biological horror flick Splice. I call it biological horror because that’s how they bill it in the trailer, but it’s definitely more biological than horror. As suspense films go, it was decent but not outstanding, and despite an interesting premise, it unfortunately becomes predictably “been there seen that” before it’s all over.

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play the two hotshot genetic engineers in the film, which itself is interesting given the indie-heavy CV of both of them. Regardless, they do a pretty good job with the material here, a moral-heavy story involving genetic intervention and an artificially-created organism that eventually wreaks havoc (duh!). In typical Hollywood fashion, the two scientists are also a couple, in this case with the hope of starting a family but enough personal baggage to make that easier said than done.

In the film’s defense, there are a couple of interesting ideas at play, not the least of which is the idea of sex (as in, intercourse) that penetrates (heh heh) the film at various points, in progressively more disgusting incidents. And the creature herself, nicknamed “Dren,” is a complex specimen that’s successful in simultaneously evoking sympathy and disgust from the audience. Unfortunately, these elements aren’t enough to save Splice from future obscurity, especially among true sci-fi/horror fans. Even Suzz, who is known for her generous positivity in discussing films, delivered a verdict of “I definitely could have waited for the DVD for that one.”

The LFC Score = 4


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