New documentary “Enemies of the People” explores Cambodian atrocities under the Khmer Rouge

This past January, the new documentary Enemies of the People had its premier at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, winning the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Prize. Taking on an incredibly difficult subject — the atrocities of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge — filmmakers Thet Sambath and Rob Lemkin lead us on difficult personal journeys through the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the heart of the 1975-1979 genocide that took the lives of 1.7 million Cambodian people. Today, news of the the film has garnered a place on the front page of CNN news, one day before the Cambodian genocide tribunal hands down their first verdict on the crimes. This is particularly meaningful to us as Lowell, Massachusetts, is one of two U.S. cities with the highest number of Cambodian immigrants (only Long Beach, CA, has more). Many of these citizens made their way to the City after fleeing the terrors of the Khmer Rouge; they have become an integral part of Lowell’s cultural fabric, and we are so thankful and fortunate for this.

After its successful premiere last week (July 21-23) in Cambodia, Enemies of the People has its wide release in the United States (New York City) this Friday, July 30.

We encourage you to read more about this documentary by visiting and by reading today’s (July 25) front page news feature “Filmmaker tracks Khmer Rouge killers to learn truth” HERE.

Below is the official trailer for Enemies of the People:


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2 thoughts on “New documentary “Enemies of the People” explores Cambodian atrocities under the Khmer Rouge

  1. Hi,

    Could you tell me when Enemies of the People movie will be sell on the market? This is really good documentary for people in Cambodia know who is the true kill.


  2. Hello! We’re keeping in touch with the distributor to see if they’d host a special showing of “Enemies of the People” here in Lowell. The film already premiered in New York and Boston. Once we find out more news, we’ll definitely pass on the news! Thanks for your interest! – Suzz C.

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