LFC FILM PICK: “Two in the Wave” depicts two French film masters and a bygone era in cinema

There’s little doubt that François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard were the most notable of the over 30 directors to pioneer the French New Wave. Filled with quizzical scenery, haunting characters, existential themes, and political fire, this 1950s – 1960s cinematic style was both revered and rejected by audiences around the world.

It was with great relish that we learned of the new documentary Two in the Wave (2009, Lorber Films), a mesmerizing journey through the rise and fall of the artistic and often combative relationship between Truffaut and Godard as they fought for notoriety and cinematic freedom. Directed by Emmanuel Laurent, the film’s archival footage, amazing first-hand interviews, and clips from over 30 films of the era transport us to a remarkable, turbulent time in movie history. It’s a ride not to be missed! Fortunately for us all, the film is playing at none other than the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge —  well worth the journey if you’re in the Merrimack Valley. While viewing, we recommend paying close attention to the era’s film scoring, essential to setting the erratic shift in tone and mood of the French New Wave.

Should Lowell ever get its own indie movie-house, we promise that New Wave film will play a major role in the programming! “What we film is life, and the camera is art. Or the opposite.”

Enjoy a great little taste of Two in the Wave:


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