A couple of anniversaries being celebrated – MOVIE STYLE!

This month, LFC co-founders and married couple extraordinaire Brett and Suzz Cromwell are celebrating their four year anniversary. Yes, still newlyweds, and still in that ‘velcro stage.’ So much so that holing ourselves up to watch movies no matter WHERE we are is still at the top of our list of favorite nerdy things to do. Another anniversary we’re celebrating this month is that of the Lowell Film Collaborative, our fun endeavor to bring more film to Lowell, indie theater or no indie theater. This month, the LFC turns a whopping two years old — just a toddler!

It’s only fitting that Brett and Suzz mark these anniversaries with a little injection of film. But we’re not doing it at home in front of the flat screen, nor are we heading out to one of the dozens of film festivals we follow each year. No, no. Starting this Friday at 3PM, we’re heading to North Conway, MA, for a self-imposed, glorious 22-hour movie marathon at none other than Adventure Suites.

OK. We’re prepared for you to not be terribly impressed, for this particular hotel — if you can call it that — is really only meant for your total inner dork. This is why we invite you to sit back and take a few minutes to see a 3-minute tour of the place courtesy of Channel 5’s “Chronicle.”  And as you watch, try to guess which Adventure Suite the Cromwells might be spending 22 AMAZING movie hours in:

–>  I have just one thing to say: Free Popcorn, Baby.  <–

Still need another look? How about The Official tour:

No, the LFC has not sold themselves out to shameless advertising. We just feel like spreading the word on a really cool place that brings out the kid in all of us. If you or someone you know has experienced Adventure Suites, we’d be most curious to hear more details. We’ll be sure to report back for those of you aching to know what it was like (uh, yeah, we know who you are.) By the way, North Conway has a rockin’ little indie theater, The Hometown Majestic, that actually screened the recent splatter-fest cult film Machete. If NORTH CONWAY can have an indie theater …


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The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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