The LFC heads to the Cape Ann Community Cinema for “Super Moon Sunday” on May 22

SUPER MOON SUNDAY at Cape Ann Community Cinema!
Sunday, May 22  |  Special Guest: Daniel M. Kimmel
author of “Jar Jar Binks Must Die”

Film Schedule:
2:30 PM  |  MOON
5 PM  |  2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 
7:30 PM  |  LUNOPOLIS 

Yes, this is a re-post, but we think it’s a mighty worthy one! If you’re hankering for something to do this weekend — sun or no sun — join us at the Cape Ann Community Cinema on Main Street in downtown Gloucester! 

Our new favorite indie film hot spot is the Cape Ann Community Cinema (CACC) in beautiful downtown Gloucester, MA. In just under 45 minutes, we’re sitting in comfy ‘living room style’ seats enjoying gourmet popcorn, hot coffee and sweet candy vittles. Owner and proprietor Robert Newton quickly became a movie soul mate, so making the trek to the CACC is even MORE worth the visit. You won’t find another movie buff quite like Robert — his passion runs deep, deep enough that he opened the Cape Ann just a few years ago with his own savings and runs the theater almost solo, save for a few great, friendly staffers. We’ve enjoyed several visits to the CACC and wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same. We won’t even try to go into describing what Robert has created in the heart of Gloucester — it’s an indie theater like no other we’ve seen.

The Boston Globe gave the CACC awesome exposure in the following article, which describes the theater’s history and Robert’s indie film mission – read on for more info on this hidden gem:  “Close-up and personal: cinema offers a congenial movie experience” – Boston Globe, Feb. 21, 2010

On Sunday, May 22, the Cape Ann Community Cinema presents Super Moon Sunday! We’ll be there, sitting front and center, and highly recommend you save the date, especially if science fiction is your movie bag. We’re all in for a treat as in addition to the three films listed above, author and film critic Daniel M. Kimmel will host the afternoon and share his latest book “Jar Jar Binks Must Die…And Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies.” Let it be known that Kimmel was also present at this year’s 24 Hour Boston Science Fiction Marathon — of course, he was a smash hit.

Here is a description of the afternoon’s lunar film lineup, courtesy of the CACC’s Program Guide:

In honor of the CACC’s upcoming Super Moon Sunday, we’d like to share the following short film Modern Times, created by Richard Mountney. Watch closely, and enjoy Mountney’s incredible scenario — you’ll see why it’s stunningly appropriate. Big thanks goes out to our dear friend James DiDio for sharing this remarkable short. Be sure to have the volume pumped way up and enlarge the image on your screen — you won’t be disappointed:

MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.


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