In honor of the Lowell Folk Festival: Two music films that make us tap our toes!

It’s a musical celebration in Lowell! The eagerly awaited 25th Annual Lowell Folk Festival rolls into the Mill City this weekend, kicking off tonight and going all the way through Sunday. It’s an event the LFC absolutely RELISHES, as we are die-hard music fans as well as obsessed cinephiles. In honor of the festivities, we give you a sneak peek of two of our favorite music films that showcase very different instrumentation. What brings them together in this post? Both roots-driven genres would fit in perfectly at the Lowell Folk Festival — we picture a Carolina Chocolate Drops lead-in to a Jug Band Extravaganza followed by a Mighty Uke community pick-off! Not to worry … after you take in the trailers below, you’ll see what we mean.

We hope to screen these two films in Lowell in 2012 so stay tuned for updates on these plans. In the meantime, prepare to tap your toes and be delighted as you view our two Friday Trailer Features brought to you in honor of Lowell Folk Festival weekend — ENJOY!

Visit Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost at  

Visit Mighty Uke


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