Sincere thanks for a great “EARTHWORK” screening!

Who knew we could transform the 2nd floor art gallery of a bank into our very own screening room? Well, we did! Out of necessity comes GREAT things!

It will give us great pride and pleasure to let director Chris Ordal and our distribution partner Shadow Distribution know about the success of last night’s film screening of Earthwork — we can’t wait to give them our update! Thank you ALL for coming out to support this great film AND sincere thanks to our venue hosts, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. An LFC shout out goes specifically to JDCU staff Steve and Bethany, who tended bar and welcomed our guests with big smiles. We were delighted to see bank President and CEO Mark Cochran in the house as well, enjoying the film and extending greetings.

Our thanks to Steve and Bethany, our smiling event hosts at Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union!

What we loved the most was that overwhelming sense of film community that came with each person that arrived. Greeting and welcoming our film guests  is one of our greatest joys, right up there with that moment when the lights go down and opening credits roll. Thank you to all our faithful ‘regulars’ for joining us and for bringing friends, and hearty thanks to all those first-timers who got a chance to see how we manage these fabulous guerilla-style screenings. Not having our own indie theater forces us to be creative, and last night, it worked out marvelously.

Happy movie-goers being charmed by the one-and-only Steve Jones, bartender extraordinaire!

For those of you who couldn’t make it out, never fear, more film is on the horizon, including our Tuesday, October 18 screening of the Fulton & Pepe documentary on Terry Gilliam, Lost in La Mancha (the next film in our 2011 Film & the Arts Series), and our highly anticipated showing of Of Dolls and Murder on Tuesday, October 25. We’ve also got a treat coming up in late November that we’ll be sure to spring on you when the time is right!

The crowd patiently waits for movie time!

So thank you all once again for your support, whether by attending our screenings or helping to spread the word. Someday we hope to reward you with our OWN indie theater — till then, we’ll do our best to keep bringing great films to YOU at special places in and around the area. 

We hope to see you SOON at the movies!


Published by Lowell Film Collaborative

The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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