Hey, Creatives! The young filmmakers of Wildhouse Consortium are coming to YOUR city!

The three young filmmakers that make up Wildhouse Consortium are Eric Orjiako, Alex McAuliffe, and Sam Bee, and in just a couple of days, they’ve already impressed us as fabulous film artists and storytellers with an abundance of passion and zest for life. Their current documentary film project, Jack of Arts, has them trekking through Massachusetts — including a stop right here in Lowell — and will take them to cities across the United States in search of working artists practicing in all mediums. But they don’t just want to capture the artist at work, they’d like to submerge themselves in the communities they encounter and capture the artistic spirit that exits there. In their own words, the film will consist of “a series of interviews with different artists both young and old from across the nation, and these will show that art keeps us human; and that all art forms, regardless of medium are connected.” It will also “show how geography affects artists, promote travel, and spread inspiration nationwide in an attempt to keep art alive.” Creative communities foster artistic diversity, brilliance, and camaraderie — THIS is what Wildhouse wants to capture on film and share with the world. And we truly love — AND wholeheartedly support — that mission. It should be noted that the filmmakers of Wildhouse have academic roots in the Bay State: Orjiako and McAuliffe are grads of UMass Boston and UMass Lowell (respectively) and Bee, a high school grad of the Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts, is currently at Berklee College of Music.

Alex, Eric, and Sam: The cinematic force behind Wildhouse Consortium.

Speaking of support, Wildhouse Consortium just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought in $6,000 towards their project. Hearty congratulations to these guys, as that’s no small feat, especially in such a competitive field. But their work is just beginning, and ongoing support is crucial. We encourage you to get to know Eric, Alex, and Sam and to pay special attention to their filmmaking style. There’s definitely something special here, and as devoted lovers of film, there’s nothing more exciting for us than to meet young cinematic artists who have such a deep calling for their craft. If you’re impressed with Wildhouse — even just a little — we hope you’ll consider making a donation towards their project. We’ll be keeping tabs on these guys and have no doubt they’ll deliver something wonderful, and inspiring.

Learn all you need to know about Wildhouse Consortium at Wildhouse-Consortium.com — more project info is also on their Jack of Arts Kickstarter page, including their project video. We personally wish Eric, Alex, and Sam the VERY best of luck!

Here’s a sneak preview excerpt called The Magician from their interview with a young illusionist they met on their recent trip to Salem, MA:


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