Celebrate the Literati at the World Film Premiere of “The Typewriter” and MORE, part of the Jack Kerouac Literary Festival’s Film Lineup!

In May of 2010, Los Angeles-based filmmakers Christopher Lockett and Gary Nicholson read an article on Wired.com about “The Last Generation Of Typewriter Repairmen.” Casual conversation over coffee about the importance of the typewriter in world history eventually turned toward the inevitable conclusion that ‘this would make a good documentary.’

And for that, we are grateful!

Tuesday, October 9 @ 7PM
Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center
246 Market Street, Lowell
Free admission! 

Commemorating the Jack Kerouac Literary Festival is the World Premiere of The Typewriter (In The 21st Century), taking place on Tuesday, October 9 at 7PM, right here in the Mill City. Directed by Christopher Lockett and produced by Gary Nicholson, The Typewriter embarks on a literary, nostalgic trip hosted by the people who admire, adore, and appreciate the machine and its history!

  • Get to know the Typosphere, an online community of bloggers who meet up for “Type-In” events
  • Visit vintage stores in fashionable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Portland & Philadelphia, where typewriters are bought, sold, and coveted
  • Meet a teacher who uses typewriters to encourage young writers to focus their thoughts without the benefit of a delete key
  • Hear from journalists, award-winning authors, collectors, enthusiasts, office workers, and many others who have forsaken the personal computer for the decades-old QWERTY keyboard! 

Got a special typewriter you’d like to showcase and share?
Bring it along with you!
Just e-mail us and we’ll create a space for your beloved machine on our Typewriter Display Table!


> Visit TypewriterMovie.com and learn more!

# # #

Celebrate the Beat Generation with these additional FREE film events during the Kerouac Literary Festival!

Beat Double Feature 
Who Is Bozo Texino?  PLUS  Beat Angel
Saturday, October 6 @ 12PM
Boott Cotton Mills Museum, 2nd Floor
115 John Street

• • • • • • • • • • 

David Amram Double Feature
Pull My Daisy  PLUS  David Amram: The First Eighty Years
Sunday, October 14 @ 10AM
Boott Cotton Mills Museum, 2nd Floor
115 John Street


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The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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