Flying Orb Productions’ “A Fairy’s Tale” wins Grand Jury Prize at The Screaming Ant Short Film Festival!

We’re ecstatic to report that Lowell filmmaker extraordinaire Jim Higgins and his production company, Flying Orb Productions, have been awarded the Grand Jury Prize at The Screaming Ant Short Film Festival. Their winning film short, A Fairy’s Tale, was also honored by Screaming Ant with a second award for Best Experimental Film. Congratulations to Jim and his entire crew for these wins! It was just last month that we did a feature on Jim and Flying Orb – we are incredibly proud of him and his talented cast of actors, dancers, musicians, and behind-the-scenes artists.

Visit The Screaming Ant Short Film Festival to watch A Fairy’s Tale (21 min) and read their in-depth interview with Jim. Be prepared to be captivated!