“War of the Buttons” screens in Lowell during Irish Cultural Week dinner-and-a-movie style, March 6

Special Guest: Paul McCarthy of Ireland’s National Theatre, The Abbey
Tuesday, March 6 @ 7PM (doors @ 6PM)
Lowell Beer Works (Private Room)  |  203 Cabot Street 
Suggested donation: $5.00

Our annual Irish movie night with our dear friends and organizers of Lowell Irish Cultural Week is upon us! Once again, we’ll all gather in the private room at Lowell Beer Works for a fabulous film, great meal, and many pints with friends and family. Please join us for a screening of John Roberts’ marvelously quirky, comedic film War of the Buttons, set in County Cork, Ireland (where it was also filmed on location) and based on Yves Roberts’ 1962 French film La Guerre des Boutons. This Irish counterpart does the original justice with a stellar cast of feisty young actors as well as the formidable, pink-cheeked Colm Meaney, whose appearance in any Irish flick automatically raises the bar.

As an added bonus, we are VERY fortunate to welcome Mr. Paul McCarthy of Ireland’s National Theatre, The Abbey, who will kick off the program as our Special Guest for the evening. We encourage everyone to arrive early, settle in, and enjoy delicious food and drink before or during the screening by ordering off the menu, which you can do upon arrival. Please know that your $5 suggested donation will go towards licensing costs for the film — any food and beverage costs will be yours to cover.  

The poor children of Ballydowse and the rich kids of Carrickdowse go head-to-head in a battle “to the death” where they cut of the buttons, shoe-laces, and underwear of their captured opponents in order to get the boys in trouble with their parents. While the shenanigans cause obvious problems, the two leaders of the groups nonetheless develop a grudging admiration of the other and eventually form a friendship, despite their class differences. Screenwriter Colin Welland (Chariots of Fire) affectively weaves together the complicated familial subplots of key members of each gang, bringing us closer to the heart of County Cork and its unforgettable inhabitants.

We hope you’ll join us for Dinner-and-a-Movie on Tuesday, March 6, and please help us spread the word — stay tuned to this post or keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the event!