Pancakes & Zombies


Zombies in Mexico? Who knew ...

Zombies in Mexico? Who knew ...


Pancake Breakfast, Mexican Zombies & Basta Ya!


Sunday, December 21

11 AM

119 Gallery

119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell 


Enjoy a pancake breakfast and this oh-so-not-to-be-believed Mexican zombies-from-hell film that rivals the best pulp fiction out there. The 119 Gallery’s got it goin’ on next weekend with this fabulous event that includes a stellar musical performance by local band Basta Ya. Come in from the cold, everyone, and enjoy a lazy morning with a great bunch of people.

[The last couple of days have been very tough for so many residents of the Merrimack Valley, including close friends of ours. This December ice storm will not soon be forgotten. If you are reading this, you are fortunate enough to have your power back on, or perhaps you never lost it at all. Whatever the case, we hope you are all doing your best to keep warm and safe during this frigid weekend.]