Portsmouth’s Music Hall announces Telluride-by-the-Sea film festival line-up

Coming to Telluride-by-the-Sea: "The Illusionist," director Sylvain Chomet's follow-up to his Oscar-winning animated short "The Triplets of Belleville."

The LFC anticipates this great film festival every year, and not just because it’s a short trek from Lowell. The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH, ┬áhas quite simply gotten better and better — we’re amazed and inspired by their programming which includes tons of great classic, indie, cult, and foreign film (in addition to their great musical and theatrical acts).

In case you’re not aware, The Music Hall features an annual film festival dubbed “Telluride-by-the-Sea,” a special seacoast fest made up of the best offerings from Colorado’s annual Telluride Film Festival. These great flicks are always fresh out of the projection room, as the Telluride Film Fest takes place every year in early September and Portsmouth’s “by-the-sea” homage to the fest takes place in late September. What a concept! Earlier this summer, we made Telluride-by-the-Sea one of our faves in our own 2010 guide to Summer Film Festivals in New England. Summer may be over, but that guide still features some great upcoming fall fests.

We haven’t managed to make it to beautiful Telluride, Colorado quite yet, but we feel ourselves inching closer and closer courtesy of our friends at The Music Hall. And if you want to squeeze in a little something special here in in Lowell that same weekend, be sure to head out to the City’s 10th Annual Lowell Open Studios. There’s much to see and do in the weeks ahead as summer releases its grasp (including next week’s outdoor screening of No Impact Man) — start conserving your energy now!

Six films. Three days. One weekend!
Friday, September 24 – Sunday, September 26
The Music Hall, Portsmouth, HN