“Triple Feature” Wows The Crowd at Eggroll Cafe!


Emerging singer/songwriter Arielle Natale, Mark “Big Daddy” Brack, Seth Bailin, and Paul Spano left the crowd shouting for more on Friday, November 7 at the Eggroll Cafe, located on UMass Lowell’s north campus. This special event, dubbed Triple Feature 2 and hosted by UML’s Friends of Photography, once again combined film, music, and photography for an incredible, well-rounded evening of the arts. The place was PACKED, and Eggroll Cafe staff were  fabulous as usual. If you haven’t checked this eatery out — GO NOW, and make it your place to go for great food and incredible hospitality!

The LFC was honored to be a part of the night, screening a moving musical documentary called “Songs and Dreams of the Noble Old,” an hour-long segment that ran as part of a PBS series hosted by the renowned American folklorist and musicologist Alan Lomax. If you don’t know about this gentleman, please read about him and get to know him. You WILL BE amazed. He has passed on, sadly, but he has left us with a stunning breadth of knowledge. He is most certainly missed.

Thanks to everyone at the Eggroll Cafe, and thanks to Jessica Hosman, photographer and event organizer, for letting us be a part of a very special evening!


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