The LFC’s Suzz & Brett Interviewed on WUML’s “Sunrise”

WUML Sunrise

So what IS the Lowell Film Collaborative all about? (And most importantly, who are Suzz & Brett Cromwell?!) Listen in on this fabulous 23-minute radio interview with Suzz & Brett — founders of the Lowell Film Collaborative — that took place on Thursday, October 23, and get answers to these questions!

Suzz & Brett talk about what a film movement means to Lowell as well as the LFC’s current “Music On Film” series — basically, the conversation is chock full of good info!

We are very thankful to the Sunrise crew for having us on the air — it was great fun, and they conducted a truly great interview. Thanks, Sunrise, for supporting the LFC and film in Lowell!

Listen to the Podcast HERE!

(And listen in on WUML 91.5FM as often as you can!)


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