Even Trekkies Get the Blues

Spock gives us the salute!LFC Co-founder Suzz Cromwell Releases the Nerd Inside:

What’s been out there for all us Trekkies to enjoy lately? Not much. So my plans to head out for a late-night screening of the premier everyone is talking about makes me as giddy as the Federation crew on shore leave. I will be sharing the experience in a dark, energized theater alongside My Brethren. The feeling will be overwhelming.

Yes, I’m a bonafide Trekkie, and not one of those fly-by-nights, either. I grew up hitting Star Trek conventions with my parents in the mid-70s and have had the pleasure of seeing or meeting every one of the original ST cast members at one convention or another. ST The Next Generation kept me hooked, as did Deep Space Nine. I’ve worked over 20 years at Boston’s Science Museum, one of the few places in this world that I feel totally at home with being my nerdy-nerd-nerd self. I attend a 24-hour science fiction film marathon in Boston every year, and have done so for over 20 years, and get all tingly at the thought of what next year ‘s film lineup will bring. I collected tribbles as a child, and loved nuzzling up to them when I drifted off to sleep. And if you must know, my favorite original episode is “Charlie X.” 

Those fuzzy, vocal tribbles were just some of the ST convention knick-knacks I had growing up. I also had a pea-green vest with a real-life Starship Federation emblem hand-sewn on it. Oh I was so proud of my stitch-work. I wore that thing to NYC for my 16th birthday, and have beautiful memories of meeting the stares of inquiring New Yorkers. You know it’s bad when native NY’ers stare at YOU.

So, yes. I confess. I have tickets for an opening night screening of this new addition to the mighty ST empire, and will be seeing it surrounded by My People. I’m sure the tears will well when I hear that opening theme, and see an aging but glorious Leonard Nimoy appear onscreen. I hope the crowd cheers and gets caught up in all the CGI action. And even though these young, hot, modern cast members won’t capture my heart like my beloved original star-chasers did, I will relish seeing a whole new generation of Trekkies get their thrill for the very first time. 

Live Long and Prosper, everyone. And surrender yourself to the nerd inside.


Published by Lowell Film Collaborative

The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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