The LFC in Montreal for Fantasia Fest

Fantasia FestThe LFC is excited to report that we are in beautiful Montreal, Quebec this weekend to immerse ourselves in the Fantasia Festival, billed as North America’s premiere festival for “genre” films, including horror, sci-fi, cult, and fantasy, among others. We here at the LFC have a soft spot for these types of films, so we decided a long time ago that it was worth the five-hour trip to soak up at least one weekend of this whopping 20-day festival.

This really is a world class festival, from the well-built web site (in both French and English) to the 100+ page glossy program (also bilingual) that covers the 115 or so films being screened between July 9-29. There is a strong representation of Asian films this year, but the festival also includes movies from every corner of the globe, including some of the best independent American genre films being released in 2009.

Stay tuned as we give you the rundown on the films we see.


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