Oh the HORROR!

We've been bad!Holy crap!  Has it actually been almost a week since the Lowell Film Collaborative has posted an entry on this blog? Someone should hang us by our feet and slit our throats! Hey, that’s a great segue into an announcement we’ve been DYING to tell you for weeks. Things are still in the early planning phases, but we feel it’s safe enough at this point to at least send a “save-the-date” announcement.

So, to all you Lowell horror film fans out there, mark this date on your calendars – Saturday, October 24, 2009. That’s the date of Mill City Mayhem, the first Lowell 12-hour horror film scare-athon. There will be a plethora of somewhat obscure horror films, some fun and frightening gap fillers, and lots of other horror goodies.

Full details will be shared once we firm things up, but we know how Halloween plans can start early, so whatever you do, keep October 24 open. Timing will most likely be 1 p.m. – 1 a.m., and venue will be announced with the additional details. So keep your eyes PEELED.

Regarding updates, please bear with us as we work out some wireless issues with Comcast. We here at the LFC love film, but aren’t very technologically savvy.


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