No autographs, please!

Invention of Lying

Yes, folks – we have confirmation. My 3 seconds of fame – literally – have arrived. Panning crowd shot about halfway through The Invention of Lying, when Ricky is introducing religion to the local townspeople. I am center of the screen for a whopping 3 seconds. While I didn’t land the close-up shot that my buddy Jon Brandi did, let alone the 30 or 40 seconds that local rapper Dee Tension scored in the more intimate office scenes, I am happy to hear that a few people who didn’t know which scene I was in spotted me.

The film finished fourth in its opening weekend with about 7 million in box office receipts. Not great, but not bad either. As for our take on the film, I believe Suzz and I differed a bit in our opinions. Suzz, who is generally a lot less critical of most things, thoroughly enjoyed the film and thought it was Gervais through and through. I thought the premise was highly original and the perfect foundation for a great film, but the directors (Gervais and Matt Robinson) got a little heavy-handed with the rom-com angle and seemed to sugarcoat everything with a Hollywood sheen that took too much of the edge off the film. Still, my hats off to anyone who will inject said film with a gutsy commentary on organized religion. Bravo, Gervais. I can hardly wait for Cemetery Junction!


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