Motion Picture Award Season is Upon Us …

… Could it be a Precious year?

As most of you may already know, yesterday marked the announcement of award nominees for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, set to be televised on Sunday, January 17. It was good to see Globe best picture nods to a certain couple of films, mainly Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire and The Hurt Locker. The surprise in my eyes? Avatar. And this is Suzz talking, so please don’t place any blame on my fellow LFC co-founder and better half. (I’m a sci-fi junkie, but my two cents buy me the right to say that Avatar doesn’t quite fit the bill. Forgive me, earthlings.)

While the Golden Globes capture the second prize for the award spotlight against the Academys, the IFC’25th Annual Independent Spirit Awards are out to take the industry’s indie pulse. They announced their own award nods earlier this month, showcasing a much different best picture (and overall) award list. And yes, right up there was my personal yay: Precious.

I’m no good at closing the deal on award picks, but I fear that my film favorite will most likely lose out to The Hurt Locker if not Up in the Air, sealing the smooch on that Clooney charm. But I am heartened to see that industry giants as well as the public have given Precious its due, Oprah and Tyler Perry hype aside. This brilliant ray of Sundance may be 2010’s little engine that could — anyone out there willing to make a wager?

Share and select your pre-Oscar picks and pans :
67th Annual Golden Globe Nominees
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