Vintage Holiday Film Shorts Galore!

— On the road with Suzz Cromwell in Texas —

Spending the week with my film-obsessed family in Houston has led to pretty much no sleep. While we take in the local food scene by day, the evenings are spent around a roaring fire watching whatever we can get our hands on, projected onto my brother’s living room wall. My father was a projectionist in the Air Force and his adoration for cinema has stayed with him all his life. Growing up, the family would gather in our living room to watch hours of 16 mm films, everything from Laurel & Hardy to Disney classics to Hollywood  favorites (think Casablanca, Pal Joey, That’s Entertainment, Singin’ in the Rain, Tangier). It was a marvelous way to mature into adulthood, and this family tradition has obviously brought me to love everything about film.

Last night’s foray into movie viewing had the family re-living our Christmas film tradition of watching a collection of 16mm film shorts my dad creatively spliced together. Each of these shorts were mini-masterpieces, and are burned into my memory. Here is where I need to give total credit to a great site we discovered: Give this cinefile some love, as they have assembled the cream of the crop of holiday favorites and incredible rarities. The site is a bit overwhelming, but if you feel like braving the pending storm by watching some great shorts on your laptop or home computer, this would be film-time well spent.

I give my personal thank you, as on their homepage is this amazing stop-motion 1940s gem called “A Christmas Dream.” It was indeed one of the holiday shorts we’d watch as kids in my family homestead. A Czech-produced piece, this Castle Films short is filled with the stop-motion antics of a curious rag doll that tries to win back the love of her little girl. It’s brilliant, and while that may be nostalgia talking, I invite you to spend the next 9 minutes experiencing it for yourself.  If you’ve ever given love to a special childhood toy, this film will bring back that inexplicable human warmth.

Visit and watch “A Christmas Dream.”
Enjoy, and thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Holiday Film Shorts Galore!

  1. I just googled myself (xmasflix) and noticed your comments. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have plenty more Xmas films, but did not have time to put them all up. But I just uploaded a new one to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    By the way, I lived in Lowell as a child! I remember the blizzard of 78. And the big Mill and factory that caught fire on a Christmas Eve only a block away, and my only concern was that Santa would not come to my house in fear of getting burned.


  2. Greetings! Thanks SO much for your comment – that’s fabulous, and how strange and wonderful that you grew up in Lowell! My family and I had such a great time watching the Christmas films we grew up with, thanks to your site. I’ll definitely check out your New Year offering! Hope you remain in touch with us — best for the New Year! — S.Cromwell

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