Bigelow, Bullock and Bridges … BRILLIANT!

Well, folks, the 82nd Academy Awards have come and gone. They started with music and dance with none other than Doogie Howser and ended with Tom Hanks‘ quick flip of the envelope. There were upsets (sorry, Avatar) and memorable moments (Martin and Baldwin’s Paranormal Activity spoof), and wow — a salute to horror films! Gotta love that.

We suspect that Avatar’s sweeping of the top two Golden Globes may have contributed to the Academy’s giving The Hurt Locker the big nod, but who’s really to say. We’re just glad that Bridges and Mo’Nique got their due and yes, that history was made with Kathryn Bigelow‘s directorial steal. All good stuff. And all the stuff of Hollywood.

As always, I watch the Academy’s and sadly remark to myself that there is just too little time to watch all the fantastic film that’s painstakingly produces throughout the world. Someone somewhere is just now ending a shoot, rounding up some extras, or sitting in a makeup chair. It’s all very thrilling to think about.

The Oscars, of course, aren’t the be all end all to judging great film. But they’ve become what people watch the most. So until the Academy’s 83rd year, try to get out and enjoy all the great film 2010 has to offer!

And in the meantime, hopefully you’ll join US for some upcoming events of our own, including our special April 5 screening at Athenian Corner of the Marx Brothers classic, A Night at the Opera in celebration of the Lowell Film Festival. Last November, the Lowell Film Collaborative did in fact screen Food, Inc., which turned out to be one of this year’s Oscar-nominated films. Hopefully this is a good sign that the LFC has its finger on the pulse of great cinema!

Thanks for all your support, and see you at the movies!


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