LFC FILM PICK: “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten” pays tribute to Cambodia’s lost rock-n-roll scene

“During the 60’s and early 70’s, as the war in Vietnam threatened its borders, a new music scene emerged in Cambodia that took Western rock and roll and stood it on its head – creating a sound like no other.”

So begins the official synopsis of one of the LFC’s most anticipated documentary films, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten (Cambodia’s Lost Rock-n-Roll). We’ve been feverishly keeping up with this film for a couple of years now — we’re excited to say that we’ve been in touch with the film’s director/producer/cinematographer John Pirozzi, and he has forecast completion by the end of this year. As with any independent film project, funding has been key to driving production. The fact remains, without support dollars, exciting movies like this just can’t be made.

Combining incredible 60’s and 70’s historic dancehall and glittery music performance footage with compelling interviews, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten submerges us in Cambodia’s raucous rock-n-roll scene of the Vietnam War era. This music gave power and respite to a country swept up in horror, when in 1975 the Khmer Rouge began their brutal massacre of 2 million Cambodian people, including the torture and murder of the country’s arts and academic community. Beautifully stated by the filmmakers, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten “provides a new perspective on a country usually associated with war and genocide. By celebrating this powerful music and the people who created it, Cambodia’s musical heydey emerges from the shadows of tragedy into the light of history.”

Per our recent talks with director John Pirozzi, we are delighted to say that he is anxious and excited to premiere his film right here in Lowell in honor of our thriving Cambodian community. Rest assured we’ll keep you in the loop on the film’s progress and on our plans to partner with Pirozzi and his crew to bring Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten to the Mill City. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten
Official website: CambodianRock.com
on Facebook

To make a donation to the project, send a check to:
John Pirozzi
220 Thompson St. #6
New York, NY – 10012


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