Disposable Film competitor “Lucia” reigned supreme at last night’s Fest!



The audience enjoys "My Fantastic Movie" at Lowell's Disposable Film Festival screening on October 19.


Lowell’s special screening of the “Best of the Fest” competitive shorts from San Francisco-based Disposable Film Festival was a great success! Thank you ALL for coming out to support this film happening — it was an event very dear to our hearts, consequently, it’s sad to see it come and go. BUT, we will continue to cultivate interest in this incredible festival and will keep you updated on plans to bring our OWN “Tiny Technology Film Fest” to Lowell in 2011. We’d love to make it happen.

The Disposable Film Festival Is Now Accepting Submissions for 2011
Deadline to Submit: November 30, 2010

Think you’re ready to showcase your disposable film short? If so, we’re pleased to announce that West coast-based Disposable Film Festival is now accepting submissions for their 2011 Competitive Shorts Program. Criteria is, of course, that your film must be shot and edited on “disposable media” (cell phones, web cams, digital cameras, etc.) For complete details on the submission process, CLICK HERE.

Lucia Wins Audience Choice at Last Night’s Lowell Event
The incredible film short Lucia, created by Chilean film production company Diluvio Gallery, won top kudos from our audience at last night’s event in Lowell. A close second place went to Sour, a stellar music-driven short utilizing impressive multi-frame elements. Part of the haunting award-winning 2-part short film series, Lucia, Luis, y El Lobo (Lucia, Luis and the Wolf), Lucia was created in 2007. In 2008, Luis made its debut as a direct follow-up to Lucia‘s disturbing poetic story line, utilizing the same stop motion photography via a digital camera to transform the nightmarish set from chaos to normality and back again.

Fascinating information on these two films and the filmmakers themselves can be found at La Casa Lobo.

For now, here are the two films for you to view, back to back. We hope you enjoy, and hope you take the time to continue watching great Disposable Film!

LUCIA (2007)

LUIS (2008)


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