Call for Entries! Submit your foodie films for the 2011 NYC Food Film Festival


A fabulous view of NYC as the audience enjoys the 2010 Food Film Festival, photo by Ryan Jensen.

In April 2009, Lowell focused on “Food, Fair Trade and the Global Economy” as the theme for the annual Lowell Film Festival. What some of you may not know is that the Lowell fest was inspired by an amazing new film fest dedicated to delicious food and passionate foodies everywhere. In June 2011, the NYC Food Film Festival turns 5 years old, and in that short time, it has established itself as the gathering place for all of us who delight in tasting and honoring good food while seeing great, independent film showcasing our gastronomical passions. While researching Lowell’s 2009 film fest, the LFC first met NYC filmmaker George Motz, Founder and Festival Director of the NYC Food Film Fest. George is best known for his fanciful film Hamburger America which focuses on the families and histories behind some of the U.S.’s most renowned family-owned burger joints. Hamburger America became a Lowell Film Fest hit, and since then, we’ve been keeping up with George and his inspiring Big Apple event, which also benefits the Food Bank of New York City.

“Taste what you see on the screen” has been the Food Film Fest’s moniker from the get-go. In 2009, acclaimed director Ron Mann called the festival “his absolute favorite” after his film, Know Your Mushrooms, was screened and followed by a 10-course mushroom-inspired tasting menu from Next Iron Chef star Brad Farmerie of Public and Double Crown. Other past events have included a screening of Whole Hog by Joe York, during which over 1000 people feasted on whole hog barbeque. Following a screening of the food film classic Big Night, the audience enjoyed a re-creation of the famous Italian Timpano featured in the film. Just brilliant.

Do you stare dreamily at a heaping plate of your favorite vittles and hear violins? How about a slick 70’s soundtrack? If so, 2011 is your chance to bring your food + film fantasies to life — you can now wow audiences by putting images of your favorite dish to music for the Food Film Fest’s newest category, “Best Food Porn Film.” Oh yeah, they’re going there.

In addition to this newest category, the NYC Food Film Fest offers competitive awards in 6 other categories: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Super-Short, Best Film Made In New York, Food Filmmaker of the Year and Audience Choice. The deadline for entries is February 22, 2011 for the June event. For full details on how to submit your film entry for the 5th Annual NYC Food Film Fest, click here. And if you DO submit an entry, be sure you let the Lowell Film Collaborative know so we can track your success in the fest!


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