Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” comes to animated life courtesy of filmmaker Christopher Salmon

We don’t think it’s all the buzz yet, but we know this film project will soon be off the ground and reveling in success. If you don’t know who Neil Gaiman is, visit his website at and have fun getting your education. A renowned novelist, poet, essayist, graphic novelist, screenwriter, and all around geek celebrity, Gaiman most recently made Hollywood film news with the success of the screen adaptation of his children’s book “Coraline,” which was brilliantly made into the stop-motion animated, 3D feature film Coraline under the leadership of Henry Selick. (Coraline was the first stop-motion animated feature actually shot in stereoscopic 3D. AMAZING.)

Enter filmmaker Christopher Salmon, who had a dream to bring Gaiman’s short story “The Price” (from his “Smoke & Mirrors” collection) to animated life. After getting Gaiman’s blessing on the project, Salmon quickly raised funds through a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now working on completing The Price in record time. We’ve made contact with Salmon to inquire about screening the film here in Lowell, but have yet to hear back. No doubt his film will achieve acclaim, if just for the Gaiman inspiration – it would come as no surprise to us if Salmon finds himself deep in the film festival circuit before allowing us to host a screening. But, we remain here with fingers crossed!

Now that you’ve got some backstory, we hope you’ll read up on Christopher Salmon’s beautiful film project The Price at And if you feel inspired, please donate to Salmon’s project – the sooner it reaches completion, the sooner we’ll all be able to see Gaiman’s remarkable work come to life.

Learn more about Christopher Salmon and his adaptation of The Price through his impressive Kickstarter project video:


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