Boston-based film “OxyMorons” now screening at National Amusements Showcase Revere (MA)

Director John Hickey pulls no punches in his latest film OxyMorons. Premiering in the Boston area (National Amusements Showcase Revere) this past Friday, February 4, the film sheds graphic light on Charlestown, MA’s, heinous Oxycontin drug trade and its effects on families and individuals. OxyMorons is currently set to run in Boston through February 11. The plot outline on the official Oxy-Morons Facebook page reads as follows: A graphic film based on the life of reformed drug pusher and user John Hickey, a Charlestown local, who was well known in the Oxycontin trade. After surviving a fall off an 80-foot cliff in Quincy by a rival dope pusher and pulling a two-year stint in an Essex County jail for robbing pharmacies, Hickey wrote this screenplay to publicize the harsh reality of Oxycontin.

John Hickey was fortunate that he escaped his life of drug deals and shadows, never mind lucky enough to make an independent film about his experiences. Oddly, OxyMorons might hit close to home for some of us in Lowell who have seen a resent resurgence of the HBO film exposè High on Crack Street, thanks to the success of The Fighter and the retelling of Micky Ward and Dicky Ecklund’s own stories of a drug-induced past. It’s totally human for those of us on the outside to be affected and fascinated by this other world, and if the tale has a happy ending, we’re also inspired.

Hickey’s insider view of the ravages of Oxycontin is harsh and unapologetic, and worth a trip to Revere cinemas this week. Don’t miss seeing this local independent film on the big screen!

Visit the official website for Oxy-Morons at

Read more on John Hickey in “The secret life of a Charlestown dealer” (Boston Phoenix)


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One thought on “Boston-based film “OxyMorons” now screening at National Amusements Showcase Revere (MA)

  1. What an entertaining, engrossing and well produced film. I truly enjoyed it. A little harsh at times but not a slasher film. Sort of tears at your heart yet leaves you feeling wtf did I just watch. It was like “The Town” but with drugs. Great job through all phases of the film John Hickey!!!!

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