The Lowell premiere of “The Last Pow-Wow Oak: An Historical Documentary Movie” – TODAY (June 18)

Special Guest: Producer/Director Andrew Szava-Kovats
Saturday, June 18 @ 1PM

Pollard Memorial Library
401 Merrimack Street, Lowell
Free admission! 

In his latest documentary, local filmmaker Andrew Szava-Kovats tells the full story of the glorious tree in The Last Pow-Wow Oak: An Historical Documentary Movie which will premiere on June 18 at the Pollard Library with Szava-Kovats in attendance. Szava-Kovats has an obvious passion for Lowell’s historical past which is evidenced by his other two films Grindstone Redux and The Last Farm in Lowell, both released through his production company True Age Media.

Featuring interviews with local historians (including WCAP radio personality, good friend and LFC supporter Mike Flynn), The Last Pow-Wow Oak journeys through the tree’s history through stories of the great Oak and the people who lived and gathered around it. It also tells the story of the Pow-Wow Oak Protectors, a grass-roots preservation organization dedicated exclusively to protecting the Pow-Wow Oak, how they came to be and their efforts to preserve and protect the tree. Motivated by the destructive forces of landscaping activities that threatened the tree’s life, the Protectors were formed in 2009. These organizers spent more than a year trying to have the tree declared a park and pursued other official designations that could help protect it. [Paraphrased from the Pow-Wow Oak website]

So what’s the future of the Pow-Wow Oak? We’re sure there will be updates at the Sunday fundraiser as well as the June 18 screening — we hope you’ll check out both events and be a part of a true grassroots natural preservation effort. We applaud Szava-Kovats for bringing this amazing story to life on film!

Visit the official site for
The Last Pow-Wow Oak: An Historical Documentary Movie


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