UK filmmaker Antony Lane is making a zombie film … but not just any old way!

Antony Lane's Twitter page is bursting with support and indie film passion!

British indie filmmaker Antony Lane uses Twitter. A LOT. According to his Twitter profile, Lane has been on Twitter 24/7 since 2009 doing fan fundraising for his zombie/horror film Invasion of the Not Quite Dead. With over 86,000 followers, Lane’s efforts seem to have proven successful as updates have just been released that the film crew is scouting for locations to begin shooting.

To people like us who relish the indie film scene, Lane’s goal is a precious one: to produce the first COMPLETELY Twitter fan-funded horror film. His pleas for donations ignite the reader with mixed caps to stress importance, are intensely frequent, and always read with passionate urgency —“if theres any SUPPORTERS OF FILMMAKERS chasing their dreams ONLINE right now, please check out my FILM PROJECT” and “PLS KEEP those DONATIONS/UPGRADES coming in to my film ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’, we are 100% twitter fan funded.” We adore this zest, and continue to be wowed by the seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm that Lane displays to the public. But when you’re trying to reach a monetary goal for your life’s dream, that’s pretty much what it takes.

With all that being said, we’d love nothing more than for you to go out to Antony Lane’s Twitter page and project website and experience his determination first hand. And please feel free to support his campaign, especially if the horror genre is your bag. But no matter the end product (and we’re certain it’s gonna be mighty entertaining), Lane has brought the importance of independent film and the ongoing power of social media to the forefront. He’s also allowing all of us to play a part in his dream, and that’s a very special thing indeed.

Learn all you need to know about Antony Lane and his fan-funded film project Invasion of the Not Quite Dead via his campaign video below or by visiting And if you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow Lane or check in on his progress at @IndywoodFILMS.


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