TONIGHT’S “Night at the Museum” film screening and museum adventure at the Boott Mills is SOLD OUT!

Celebrate the Tsongas Industrial History Center and Lowell Kids Week!

5:30PM – 7PM  |  Museum adventure at the Boott Cotton Mills
7PM – 9PM  |  FREE screening of Night at the Museum
Boott Cotton Mills Museum
115 John Street, Lowell 

View/download the Official Event Flyer

If you were lucky enough to reserve your spots for tonight’s event at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum in Lowell, then we’ll definitely see you there! This great FREE family event sold out quickly, but rest assured the staff at the Tsongas Industrial History Center will consider another event next year given this year’s success!

This first Lowell Film Collaborative screening of 2012 is presented in partnership with Lowell Kids Week and our good friends at the Tsongas Industrial History Center (TIHC). Located within the historic Boott Cotton Mills Museum in downtown Lowell, the TIHC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a great lineup of programs throughout 2012, THIS event included. Though we have indie film hearts, we recognize that Night at the Museum is one of those mainstream, family-friendly comedies that also strikes the mature, off-beat nerve. Adults will note that Ben Stiller is that guy you feel sorry for (think Gaylord Focker, NOT Greenberg), Robin Williams is tempered and genuine (a blessing), and cameos by Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais, and Steve Coogan all hit their mark. Even Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney manage good screen time as the wise-cracking museum night-watchmen Stiller is hired to replace. And sentimentality? It’s there, too, and you’ll learn to groove with it instead of shrugging it off. It should be noted that back in the day, Suzz used to work overnights at the Boston Museum of Science for the Museum’s popular Camp-In Program, so this flick is close to her heart for good reason (that giant T-Rex plays tricks on the mind in the dark of night!)

As for kids, they’ll flat out love the film’s fantastical story line, special effects, and Keystone Kops laughs. Three cheers for down ‘n dirty escapism!

Here are full details on the event, courtesy of the TIHC. This info is also in the official event flyer: Explore the museum when it comes alive at night! Solve the mystery of missing mill worker Lyddie Worthen, using a diary to help guide the way. Costumed “mill workers” interact with children, and they and their parents solve the mystery. After enjoying the Boott Cotton Mills Museum adventure, take in the film Night at the Museum, starring Ben Stiller. 

This presentation is part of the year-long series of events for the 20 anniversary of the Tsongas Industrial History Center, a partnership between UMass Lowell’s Graduate School of Education and Lowell National Historical Park. For more information about all of the events for the 20th anniversary, visit our website or call 978-970-5080.

Just a word of note that the film will be shown in the Boott Cotton Mills Museum Events Center, a grand 75-seat theater with a great screen and good sound system — it’ll be the perfect spot for a fun night with friends and family. We’re looking forward to seeing a great crowd!


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The Lowell Film Collaborative is a grassroots initiative in Lowell, MA, whose mission is to bring more cinematic awareness to the community.

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